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Closing Should Be Comfortable

RealSource strives to make the closing table as welcoming and as calm an environment as it can be. The home buying and selling process can often be long and stressful, so we’ve made it our business to make sure this last step is a smooth one.

In addition to the services below, RealSource offers both in-house and on-site closings and provides a complimentary assortment of beverages and snacks like chocolates, cookies and crackers to ensure every client is comfortable.

Closing Services

  • Recording services in your county (county-required fees still apply)
  • Digital (PDF) Copy of Closing Package
  • Digital (PDF) Disbursement Report
  • Digital (PDF) All Final Recorded Documents
  • Digital (PDF) Copy of Current Deed
  • Digital (PDF) Copy of Listed Liens and Judgments
  • Judgment/Lien Verification
  • Request Letters for Municipal Assessment & Fire District Dues
  • Collection of Proof of Insurance
  • Collection of Mortgage Payoffs

For client convenience, RealSource provides individual, custom closing packages that include all completed closing paperwork.