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At RealSource™, Title Insurance is about more than just protecting your property

It’s about providing peace of mind that your family’s investment is secure. With us, title insurance is about providing safeguards against title defects that could threaten one of your life’s biggest investments.
With more than 50 years of experience in title insurance and property rights, our team works hard to thoroughly research, uncover and correct any problems that may prevent our clients from closing.

By working closely with real estate professionals, lenders and industry experts, we ensure secure, safe and efficient real estate transactions, providing comprehensive title products and services for individuals and business, alike.

Title Insurance Explained

There are two types of title insurance 1) a Lender’s Policy and 2) an Owner’s Policy, both of which protect policy holders in the event that a claim is filed against a property, however they do not offer the same protection.

Lender’s Title Insurance

Required by nearly all lending institutions, this policy protects mortgage lenders by certifying they have a valid lien on a property in the event that sellers (the property owners at the time of a sale) are not legally able to transfer the title of ownership rights.

Lender’s title insurance policies are issued for the amount of the mortgage loaned, and is a one-time expense typically paid for by the borrower.

Also known as a Loan Policy, this policy does not provide protection for buyers.

Owner’s Title Insurance

Owner’s policies safeguard buyers against issues with a property’s title – such as unpaid taxes, fraud, and unreleased mortgages – that exist prior to the current purchase. This new policy is typically issued 60 days following closing.

Not only do owner’s title insurance policies cover financial losses in the event that a claim is filed, but policies also pay for legal defense against covered claims.

Common claims covered by an owner’s title insurance policy include:

  • Unmarketability of a title
  • Unpaid liens or judgments
  • Forgeries
  • Missing or undisclosed property heirs, who are also covered under owners’ policies
  • Unpaid taxes
  • Pending legal action
  • Mistakes made in legal document recording or indexing

RealSource Title Insurance Services

We are serious about serving our clients at the highest caliber.

To ensure our clients are best protected, RealSource title insurance services include:

  • Written Quotes for Your Good Faith Estimates
  • Recording Services in Your County (county-required fees still apply)
  • Judgment/Lien Verification
  • Request Letters for Municipal Assessment & Fire District Dues
  • Digital (PDF) Copy of Current Deed
  • Digital (PDF) Copy of Listed Liens and Judgments
  • Final Policy Follow-up

Service fees are based on contract or sale amount of a property. Please call us for a FREE written quote at (205) 682-7655.

** Information valid as of 11/13/2018. Prices and policies subject to change without notice. **